Mississippi Market 2017 • Community Outreach, Positive Change Recipients, & Mississippi Market Apiary

Mississippi Market
Saint Paul, MN

Community Outreach

Mississippi Market gives back to our neighborhoods through these major initiatives:

  • Offering a wide range of classes on healthy and sustainable living at both our East 7th and West 7th stores.  We offer great classes all year long, covering topics ranging from nutrition to cooking to wellness and more.  We also hold a number of events throughout the year, including member meetings, board meetings, film screenings, tastings, and panel discussions.

Sponsorships to community events that align with our mission.  Some of the community events and organizations we sponsor include:

  • We offer tours for schools, places of worship and other community organizations for free!  Topics include: healthy eating for kids, being a conscious consumer, “green” building features of our stores and shopping on a budget. 
    • When customers bring their own bag, they will receive a credit of 10¢. They can choose to donate this credit to our Positive Change program. They also have the option to round up your purchases to the next dollar amount to donate to our Positive Change recipient of the month. It may just be a few cents or spare change, but the impact on our community is astounding.  On average, we raise over $8,000 each month for our Positive Change recipients.


  • Our Community Donation program gives small gifts to area schools, nonprofits and other local organizations over each fiscal year.  We recognize there are many causes worthy of our support, but we feel that focusing our resources to a few areas has more impact. some organizations that have received gift cards through our Community Donation program in 2015-2016 include:

By donating surplus produce and packaged foods to local food shelves throughout the year

  • Educating elementary school students about healthy eating and sustainable living through our support of the Midwest Food Connection.  In 1993 Mississippi Market and other Twin Cities natural foods co-ops founded a community outreach initiative to educate children about natural foods. Since then, the initiative has grown and flourished as a non-profit organization named Midwest Food Connection dedicated to empowering elementary school children to make healthy and responsible food choices.

Midwest Food Connection’s school programs educate children about natural foods, local sustainable farming, and the cultural origins of our food.

Each year Mississippi Market chooses to sponsor schools in our neighborhoods to receive lessons from Midwest Food Connection. Some of the schools in St. Paul that Midwest Food Connection has visited in the past include:

  • Adams Spanish Immersion
  • Capitol Hill
  • Highland Catholic School
  • Horace Mann
  • J J Hill Montessori
  • Monroe/Linwood A+ School
  • Museum Magnet

Mississippi Market Apiary

We’re proud to announce a new partnership with The Beez Kneez, a local pollinator advocacy organization and honey producer that is committed to “reviving the hive for healthy bees, healthy lives” by establishing and maintaining honey bee hives throughout the Twin Cities. They partner with various Twin City restaurants, museums, food co-ops, schools and urban farms who serve as urban apiary host sites. Recently, Mississippi Market was put in touch with The Beez Kneez and asked if we’d be willing to partner. We jumped at the opportunity!

We’re currently serving as one of The Beez Kneez urban apiary host sites. In early May, they installed honey bee hives on the rooftop of our West 7th store! As a natural foods grocery store, we recognize the crucial role that bees and other pollinators play in producing healthful, nutritious food. Our West 7th store is an ideal location as it’s close to the river bluffs and a local source of reliable water and pollen for the bees.