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Oryana Community Cooperative
Oryana, MI

Cooking Classes

Oryana cooking classes are hands-on and fun. Whatever your level of expertise in the kitchen, you’ll always learn something new and exciting. We’ve earned a reputation for great instruction by offering culinary expertise from our talented chefs as well as a diversity of local chefs and culinary instructors.

Canning Classes

Oryana, in conjuction with Michigan State University, hosts food preservation classes each summer. These classes demystify the art of canning and freezing and are open to the public.

For Educators – Interactive Lessons for Grades 5 – 12 on Food, Farming, and Nutrition

Oryana Natural Foods Market offers 10 interactive classroom lessons about food, farming and nutrition. These lessons are designed to help students gain a better understanding of the value of healthy foods in their lives. Lessons are suitable for middle and high school-aged students. Our classes generally include a presentation, interactive discussion or group activity as well as a food sampling component. Some classes may include a hands-on cooking/food prep demonstration.

Community Partners Program

With our community partner program, neighborhood businesses offer discounts, special merchandise or other perks unique to Oryana owners.

2017 Oryana Community Grant

In the past, Oryana has awarded community grants to local non-profits (we leaned toward organizations involved in food and health-related activities) and allowed owners to vote for the organization of their choice as a perk of being an owner. We awarded our last grant in 2015 to Greenspire School and Human Nature School. Other organizations we have donated to include the TC Community Garden, TART Trails, Grow Benzie, and Crosshatch. For various reasons we discontinued the grant so we could reevaluate it and make sure we were still making the best use of our Owners’ money. This year we decided to award $5000 to Food Corps, a national organization (with a local program) that connects kids to healthy food in school so they can lead healthier lives and reach their full potential. • Food Corps has hands-on lessons where they teach cooking, gardening and tasting, since kids love foods they have grown and prepared themselves. • They offer healthy school meals: they create a cafeteria that steers students towards the healthiest options and gets them excited to try new healthy foods. • They foster a schoolwide culture of health by helping the whole school community— everything from the teachers to the hallways to the bake sales—celebrate healthy food.

The local Food Corps program is organized through MSU Extension. The program lost its funding this year and they approached Oryana to inquire about a partnership. Since Oryana is all about food and health, we were happy to allocate funding. Food Corps has been involved with local schools for 6 years and is currently  working with Traverse Heights School and Platte River School. Food Corps chooses schools where food insecurity exists.

Certified Local Food Event Sponsor of the TCFF

Oryana will be the certified local food event sponsor of the 2017 Traverse City Film Festival. In order for an event to be a certified local food event, 20% of the food must be sourced locally. 20% of the food at the parties and the green rooms are coming straight from local farmers.

Community Compost Station

Oryana hosts a composting bin that is open to the neighborhood as well as owners and shoppers of Oryana. Twice per year we screen the finished compost and give it away to the community.

Farm Tours

Oryana hosts an annual farm tour of our local farms. The tour is open to the public.