3 Rivers Natural Grocery Food Co-op & Deli’s 2017 • Community, Food, Classes, Music, Movies, Readings

3 Rivers Natural Grocery Food Co-op & Deli’s
Fort Wayne, IN


Co+op Explorers

is ​a free fruit program for our youngest shoppers. Each time a child visits the co-op he or she can pick up a sticker and piece of fruit from the basket at the front of the store. Sign up includes a membership card and a coupon for a birthday bakery treat. We are excited to be promoting healthy eating for kids (and appreciation by parents and the larger community) and hope to create a more engaging and fun shopping experience for both parents and kids!


Co+op Explorers Cooking Club

brings our Co+op Explorers in the know about fruits and vegetables. Using a fruits + veggies passport participants taste and record flavors of the featured fruit or vegetable. A hands on recipe is created and tasted, making this cooking club lots of fun for kids.


Food Basics, Nutrition Education Classes

are offered several times a year and range in topics for beginners to more in depth food preparation. Leaders include staff members, local chiropractor Dr. Caitlin Hernandez, and other guests active in fields of health, wellness, and all things food.


Music in the Café

Our cafe is the spot for the Fort Wayne Traditional Music and Dance Society’s monthly jam sessions for musicians and listeners alike. Sessions on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays feature Southern Appalachian fiddle music and the 4th Saturday is Traditional Irish music. The 1-3:30 time slot makes it a perfect pairing for a later Saturday lunch and listening session. Come on out!


Friday Films

Several times a year we offer a food or wellness focused film and discussion. Films have included Fed Up, Inhabit, and GMO OMG.


First Friday Readings

are held the first Fridays of the month at 7:30 pm from September to May. Local and visiting authors selected by Indiana’s Poet Laureate and IPFW Professor George Kalamaras are given the “stage” to share recent work. This series has created a community of attendees always happy to meet up.


Sunsets West Co-op 2017 • Community, Garden, Chickens, Sponsors, Local Biz, Music, Dance, Classes

Sunsets West Co-op
Clallam Bay, WA



Our Co-op has a ‘store’ garden in the school grounds, where a wonderful couple grows veggies every summer for our Co-op. They attract volunteers who want to learn the ‘how-to’ on gardening in a short summer season. We work collaboratively with the school on this program and share the space with the Special Education Class who make flower baskets and grow some food as well.


Chicken Farm

We have our own chicken ‘farm’ for eggs, and three other folk in our community sell us their eggs from their free-range chickens.


Sponsor Startups

We have sponsored two other co-op startups with offers of equipment, but neither have made it through to a store. We are patient but will keep on working toward a sister Co-op in our area.


Support Local Businesses

Our members are motivated by our Mission Statement which states that we are working toward community development and that we support local businesses to begin making product or growing food for local sourcing. We have 54 local folk supplying product to our Co-op at this time.


Community Sourcing

We are always involved in community sourcing for infrastructure and equipment additions. We have a ‘State of the Onion’ sign on our Co-op that encourages donations to our particular cause.  It is usually refrigeration as we have been in business now for 10 years and are still working toward our first round of commercial refrigeration! We have made no big jumps into the credit industry, just grass roots growth for sustainable progress. Small communities working together to form economic strength and sustainability. We are open to all cultures and have a very international community here.



We are hosts for a large multicultural travelling population on the northwest points of the continental US.


Jam Sessions

We host music jam sessions open to anyone travelling or local every week.  At times we have up to 13 professionals in our Eatery, (the eatery only seats 24 folk). They came equipped with hammered dulcimer, violin, guitars, mandolin, didgeridoo, Irish Penny whistle, squeeze box from the 1920’s, piano, drum, voice and an Adobo. Music brings life to a community, keeping it live is the way to go! 


Ballroom Dance Classes

We teach ballroom dance classes in the name of the Co-op ever second week .


Social Area

We have a social area, almost as big as the store, where we serve health conscience meals, have free Wifi, social area, a record player, piano, tea and coffee bar. Our tea sales of hot brewed loose leaf tea are now out selling coffee, who’d a thought!  Our goal is community interaction, productivity and happiness.


Surplus Produce

We share the surplus produce in summer with the food bank.



We also have classes on Wild foraging, as we live in a nutrient rich wilderness, by the Pacific Ocean and the Salish Sea.  We have traditional cooking classes by a local Doctor and wild foraging, by our local Pharmacist. She collects and prepares tastings and information for the class.


Popcorn Machine

We loan our popcorn machine to events that need it.  



We represent on the County Planning Commission because we are a pioneer of Co-op Food development in our County.

We represented at our local Tribe, the Makah Tribe as a support for Community Garden development along with other representatives of WSU and Master Gardeners.

We are on the Advisory Board for the Peninsula College Bakery at the Clallam Bay Correction Center.

Valley Natural Foods 2017 • Community, Gardens, Education, Wellness, Volunteering

Valley Natural Foods
Burnsville, MN


Co-op Community Gardens

As part of our mission to support F.R.E.S.H. values, Valley Natural Foods created the Community Gardens in 2011. Our organic garden plots are available for rent each year on a first-come, first-served basis to both owners and non-owners, with priority given to existing rentals.

Teaching Gardens

Our gardens on the south side of the building serve as our natural classroom, where you can find native plants that help promote pollination, edible herbs and leaves that can contribute to health and wellness, and a place to meditate, relax, and enjoy a pergola made of local reclaimed wood. Educational classes and group sessions are offered to provide information about the plants we feature.

The purpose of the Teaching Garden at Valley Natural Foods is to provide our community a calm, natural place to relax, while also showcasing plants and growing methods that are beneficial to humans and the environment. 

In our Teaching Garden you will find native plants that attract pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds, various herbs that can be brewed into tea or processed into oils or supplements, and other plants that have healing or health properties. 

Our natural classroom is also a great venue for instruction, whether it’s a class on natural herbal supplements, or a field trip for children to catch insects or learn where food comes from. 

TheTeaching Garden is also a perfect spot to rest and rejuvenate. In 2016, member-owner Tom Kackmann donated and assembled a pergola made from reclaimed wood and materials from the local area, complete with a seating bench and a birdhouse. 


Our cooking classes are your educational resource for healthy meal planning. Learn how to use more fresh foods in your meals, cook gluten-free, add pizazz to your holiday dishes and get your kids involved in the process too. Our instructors will teach you the skills and techniques you need to feel more comfortable and confident in the kitchen.

Wellness Consultations

Let our co-op’s wellness expert, Eileen Johnson, RN, CCN, get you started on your journey toward healthier lifestyle choices! Eileen offers free 30-minute one-on-one sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings to discuss your goals for nutrition, exercise and stress management. She will guide you toward making healthier choices through tools, resources and her many years of experience and knowledge. Eileen has a passion for helping others live well and she looks forward to helping you. 

Community Service

Our employees and member-owners have not forgotten our roots of volunteerism either. Volunteerism built our co-op, with hands and feet willingly taking steps to give and shape the path toward healthy food choices for others. Our employees and members continue to volunteer and give back in their community today. Valley Natural Foods’ sponsored volunteer events with non-profits in our community, pave the way for continuing to engage our members in our roots.

Midwest Food Connection

It all begins in the classroom. Since 2006, Midwest Food Connection has received financial support from Valley Natural Foods to bring their curriculum and instructors into Apple Valley, Burnsville and Eagan elementary school classrooms. These instructors provide fall, winter and spring series focusing on locally grown food, cooking with Minnesota’s local harvest, learning about gifts from other cultures and urban farming. The series culminates in the spring with students visiting Valley Natural Foods for planting activities in the co-op’s teaching garden space.  Because of Valley Natural Foods’ support, Midwest Food Connection also teaches classes at International Outreach Church in Burnsville, utilizing Woodhill Urban Agriculture’s community garden space on the church’s property for learning activities.

Natural Harvest 2017 • Community, Non-profit support, Classes, Sponsorships, Events

Natural Harvest
Virginia, MN


Community Support

Annually, we give gift cards, cash, and food donations to a variety of organizations throughout the community. School fundraisers, community health & wellness events, youth programs, animal rescue organizations, art & culture enrichment efforts, environmental solution workshops, food shelves, crisis foundations, literacy programs – working with these groups and more is how we connect and strengthen our community.


Our class lineup has a bit of something for everyone…and a new classroom to boot!  We have, once again, partnered with the Common Ground Community Kitchen at Messiah Lutheran Church for our cooking classes to provide a more hands-on cooking experience.

Change Within Reach

The Change Within Reach round-up program gives consumers the chance to contribute to community organizations in a way that does not break the bank but cumulatively makes a huge impact to the recipient. Every month, a local non-profit organization is selected to be the recipient of all funds donated through the round-up program. Customers donate to the program by allowing their purchase amount to be rounded up to the next highest dollar. Since the program started in April of 2014, Natural Harvest customers have raised over $42,500; in 2016 alone over $14,500 was raised. We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all who participate in this program.

Annual Sponsor of the Mesabi Trail – Great River Energy Bike Tour.

As a sponsor we contribute to the funding and also host a rest station along the trail. We provide water, sport beverages, snacks (bananas,  energy bars, ect.) we also keep sunscreen and other items on hand.  http://www.mesabitrail.com/trail-activities/tour/


Annual Sponsor of Iron Range Earth Fest (Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability)

As a sponsor we contribute funding, host an information booth with games, samples, and free literature. Our deli also caters the lunch for the whole event, this year we sold over 200 lunches. https://www.irpsmn.org/earthfest/


Annual Co-op Fest

This is an outside event that we host at our co-op to support our local farmers. We work with work with other small businesses to provide live music, craft beer, and children’s activities such as a bouncy house. Our deli also caters the event. The purpose is to raise funds and awareness for our local farmers.




Davis Food Co-op 2017 • Classes, Round Up, Sponsorships & Donations

Davis Food Co-op
Davis, CA


The Davis Food Co-op holds cooking classes in the Teaching Kitchen at 537 G Street, across the street from the Co-op. Most are Demonstration style. In these classes, the instructor will demonstrate how to make the dishes and give you samples. Classes designated as Hands On allow you to participate in the cooking. All Kids classes are hands on and accommodate children from age 3 to 6 or 7-12 depending on the class level. Children who can speak well enough to be understood and are potty trained are welcome. Teen classes are hands on and open to students aged 12-18.

Keep an eye on our calendar for free workshops taught on our patio! These cover topics like Grain Salads, Cold Brew Coffee and Tea and Quick Pickles. Follow us on Facebook to get notified when these are scheduled.

Round Up at the Registers

Loose change really adds up! Round Up At The Registers is our answer to scrip. Next time you check out, say “I’d like to Round Up,” and we’ll turn that change into a sturdy check for the school of the month. You can donate more if you like, just tell the cashier to round up to your preferred amount. This program is available to all DJUSD elementary & junior high PTAs

Sponsorships and Donations

California Center for Cooperative Development (http://cccd.coop/)

California Climate & Agriculture Network 2017 California Climate & Agriculture Summit (http://calclimateag.org/)

California Duck Days (http://yolobasin.org/california-duck-days/)

Davis Community Church Contra for a Cause (http://dccpres.org/) The Co-op sponsors Contra For A Cause, a live music and barn dance event at the DCC Fellowship Hall. Funds raised will help local refugee resettlement efforts through Opening Doors Inc.

Davis Farm to School (http://www.davisfarmtoschool.org/)

Davis Farmers Market Picnic in the Park (http://www.davisfarmersmarket.org/picnic)

Davis Music Festival (http://www.davismusicfest.com/)

Hoes Down Harvest Festival (http://hoesdown.org/)

Odd Fellows Breakfast with the Bunny and Breakfast with Santa

Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre (http://trokanski.com/)

Tuleyome (http://tuleyome.org/)

Winters Farm to School Bastille Day (https://www.wintersfarmtoschool.com/)

Yolo Children’s Alliance Aloha YoloFundraiser (https://yolokids.org/)

Yolo County Food Bank- donation of Thanksgiving turkeys

Yolo County Library Juneteenth Celebration (http://www.davisjuneteenth.org/)

Basics Cooperative 2017 • Wooden Nickels, Block Party, Explorers, & Classes

Basics Cooperative
Janesville, WI

Wooden Nickel Donations

Every year, Basics donates to 12 local non-profits through the Wooden Nickel Program at checkouts. Organizations are featured 3 at a time, for 3-month increments. Since there are so many amazing non-profits in our area we leave it up to our Co-op Owners to decide which 12 will be featured! Owners vote via a survey sent out each May.

Customers can pick up a wooden nickel at the register each time they shop and drop it into the collector at Customer Service. Basics donates 5 cents for each wooden nickel. It’s a great reminder that our little actions can add up to a lot of good.

Block Party

The first Basics Block Party and annual meeting will be held this year. This family-friendly event and fundraiser will be held in the parking lot and the road next to the store, with local farms, neighbor businesses, community partners, and local food trucks in attendance. The annual Co-op Owner meeting will be held during the block party.

-Admission is FREE and open to the public
-The first 100 families will receive a FREE goodie bag stuffed with natural foods, supplements and personal care
-Every family will get 1 FREE raffle ticket; raffle prizes will include a week’s worth of groceries, a lifetime co-op membership and more!

-Games and children’s activities will include chalk art, face painting, tug of war, bean bag toss and water balloon toss
-Additional raffle tickets, food and drink sales will benefit local non-profit Acts of Kindness. Acts of Kindness recently had to reduce their operating hours due to budget shortfalls; we hope to help them get back to full operations!

Co-op Explorers Program

The Co-op Explorers program is FREE and open to all kids ages 3-12.  Co-op Explorers can pick up 2 Healthy Challenges each month at the Customer Service desk and turn them in for FREE smoothie and fruit coupons! Healthy Challenges might be activities, trivia, arts and crafts or other learning activities related to health and wellness, natural and organic foods, our environment or supporting our local farms and community. Co-op Explorers also get to choose a healthy treat or toy from the basket at Customer Service every time they shop!


Many classes and workshops are offered in the Basics Community Room, which includes a full kitchen for cooking classes. Local chefs, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors and wellness practitioners share information and instruction on a range of topics including ayurveda, aromatherapy, yoga and t’ai chi. For information on upcoming events, visit basicshealth.com.


Seward Community Co-op 2017 • Community giving, Food program, Neighborhood Forest, Grants, Donations & Classes

Seward Community Co-op
Minneapolis, MN

SEED – Our community giving program allows customers to “round-up” their grocery or cafe bill for recipient organizations that share our commitment to a healthy community. To date, we have raised nearly $1.25 million for local nonprofits through SEED. http://seward.coop/coop/grants/seed

Recent SEED Recipients

April 2017: In the Heart of the Beast
(62,300 customers donated $28,472)

March 2017: Isuroon
(61,447 customers donated $27,767)

February 2017: MAD DADS
(47,668 customers donated $21,615)

January 2017: Kente Circle Training Institute
(52,913 customers donated $23,422)

December 2016: Sabathani Community Center
(53,120 customers donated $24,558)

Midwest Food Connection – Seward Co-op is the single largest sponsor of MFC, a program that brings practical and interactive lessons about healthful eating to dozens of schools in the Twin Cities area. https://www.midwestfoodconnection.org/

Midwest Food Connection (MFC) sends educators into elementary school classrooms to teach about healthy eating, local foods, as well as sustainable and organic agriculture.

  • They provide children with opportunities to study and taste natural and organic foods.
  • They create an understanding in children of the origins and traditions of regionally produced foods.
  • They teach children about the methods and benefits of organic and sustainable agriculture.
  • They organize and lead field trips to local diversified farms.

Neighborhood Forest – We are a long-time sponsor of this program that has helped more than 45,000 school children plant over 24,000 trees across 10 states. https://www.neighborhoodforest.org/

Neighborhood Forest gives trees (6-12 inches in size) to school children. For free. Every Earth Day. They do this in cooperation with parents, school administrators and teachers. They agree to give trees away for free, provided schools are willing to distribute them to their students and parents are willing to plant and care for them with their kids.

Seward Community Fund (SCF) – the SCF embodies our commitment to grow not just as a business, but also as a community resource for organizations whose work aligns with our vision for a healthy community. SCF grants are awarded to organizations whose work aligns with our Ends Statement. http://seward.coop/coop/grants/scf

Community Donations Program. –  Seward Co-op gift cards enable dozens of community nonprofits to purchase food for fundraising or volunteer events for their organizations.  http://seward.coop/coop/grants

Classes – Seward Co-op offers a variety of nutrition and cooking classes at both its Franklin and Friendship stores.

River Market Community Co-op 2017 • Outreach, Community Garden, Community Kitchen, Classes & Neighborhood Forest

River Market Community Co-op
Stillwater, MN

Food Shelf

River Market partners with Valley Outreach to help those in need in our community. We have collection bins at the front of the store for food and clothing, and helped pilot Washing County’s Fresh Green Buck$ program, helping people in need get access to fresh and frozen vegetables all year.

Community Gardens

River Market proudly helped to start Stillwater’s two community gardens – both the South and North Hill Community Gardens.  The North Hill garden is located at the corner of Aspen and North Martha streets and consists of 40 raised garden beds. Plots were available on a first-come, first-served basis. The South Hill garden is located on the south side of the playground at St. Peter’s United Church of Christ (111 Orleans St. East).

Community Kitchen

River Market is a sponsor and partner of Our Community Kitchen. They cultivate an inclusive community, participating in the process of growing, preparing, eating, and preserving food in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Our Community Kitchen is rooted in food justice, a desire to create community, and to encourage social responsibility through food. Their donation-based breakfast program promises to delight, served up by volunteers using locally produced ingredients including many certified organic and chemical-free ingredients.

They serve breakfast on Tuesdays and Thursdays — if you need a breakfast, they’ll serve you one. If you can afford to pay for yourself plus a bit extra, then they can serve someone else breakfast who needs one.


We offer a variety of classes on everything from making lefse to beekeeping.

Neighborhood Forest

Each year for Earth Day we sponsor an elementary school through Neighborhood Forest – every student gets to take home a tree to plant.

Oryana Community Cooperative 2017 • Classes, Nutrition, Community Partners, Grants, Events, Compost & Farm Tours

Oryana Community Cooperative
Oryana, MI

Cooking Classes

Oryana cooking classes are hands-on and fun. Whatever your level of expertise in the kitchen, you’ll always learn something new and exciting. We’ve earned a reputation for great instruction by offering culinary expertise from our talented chefs as well as a diversity of local chefs and culinary instructors.

Canning Classes

Oryana, in conjuction with Michigan State University, hosts food preservation classes each summer. These classes demystify the art of canning and freezing and are open to the public.

For Educators – Interactive Lessons for Grades 5 – 12 on Food, Farming, and Nutrition

Oryana Natural Foods Market offers 10 interactive classroom lessons about food, farming and nutrition. These lessons are designed to help students gain a better understanding of the value of healthy foods in their lives. Lessons are suitable for middle and high school-aged students. Our classes generally include a presentation, interactive discussion or group activity as well as a food sampling component. Some classes may include a hands-on cooking/food prep demonstration.

Community Partners Program

With our community partner program, neighborhood businesses offer discounts, special merchandise or other perks unique to Oryana owners.

2017 Oryana Community Grant

In the past, Oryana has awarded community grants to local non-profits (we leaned toward organizations involved in food and health-related activities) and allowed owners to vote for the organization of their choice as a perk of being an owner. We awarded our last grant in 2015 to Greenspire School and Human Nature School. Other organizations we have donated to include the TC Community Garden, TART Trails, Grow Benzie, and Crosshatch. For various reasons we discontinued the grant so we could reevaluate it and make sure we were still making the best use of our Owners’ money. This year we decided to award $5000 to Food Corps, a national organization (with a local program) that connects kids to healthy food in school so they can lead healthier lives and reach their full potential. • Food Corps has hands-on lessons where they teach cooking, gardening and tasting, since kids love foods they have grown and prepared themselves. • They offer healthy school meals: they create a cafeteria that steers students towards the healthiest options and gets them excited to try new healthy foods. • They foster a schoolwide culture of health by helping the whole school community— everything from the teachers to the hallways to the bake sales—celebrate healthy food.

The local Food Corps program is organized through MSU Extension. The program lost its funding this year and they approached Oryana to inquire about a partnership. Since Oryana is all about food and health, we were happy to allocate funding. Food Corps has been involved with local schools for 6 years and is currently  working with Traverse Heights School and Platte River School. Food Corps chooses schools where food insecurity exists.

Certified Local Food Event Sponsor of the TCFF

Oryana will be the certified local food event sponsor of the 2017 Traverse City Film Festival. In order for an event to be a certified local food event, 20% of the food must be sourced locally. 20% of the food at the parties and the green rooms are coming straight from local farmers.

Community Compost Station

Oryana hosts a composting bin that is open to the neighborhood as well as owners and shoppers of Oryana. Twice per year we screen the finished compost and give it away to the community.

Farm Tours

Oryana hosts an annual farm tour of our local farms. The tour is open to the public.


Moonflower Community Cooperative 2017 • Community Donations, Art Walk & Classes

Moonflower Community Cooperative
Moab, UT

Community Donations

5% Days

Moonflower implemented 5% Days to support local organizations that help further our mission of providing socially responsible foods, goods and education in promotion of a healthy, sustainable community. Each year, 12 local organizations are selected to which we donate 5% of sales from a single day of business. The dollar amount is donated in cash to the organization.

Moab Art Walk

Moonflower is a Moab Art Walk host gallery. The Moab Art Walk is a monthly event intended to display and engage in conversations about art. The art on display is created by locals of all ages and artistic styles and abilities.


The co-op offers classes, demonstrations and discussions led by local and regional professionals featuring local wellness practitioners, chefs and craftspeople of various specialties from beekeeping to herbology.  Moonflower classes and events teach skills, demonstrate how to make delicious meals and teach participants how to take health in to their own hands.