Co-ops submit your story

Co-op participation is free and easy. Either send us News and information about your community activities or let us know who we can work with at your co-op. We will start gathering information from your website, report that to the co-op contact person and work toward a final submission.

Listing on the website can be done at any time. Deadlines for submission of information for The Co-op Spirit magazine are as follows:

  • Fall Issue – August 15, 2018Send an email to George Keller at georgekeller (at) or use the form below to submit your information or contact person.

Free copies of the magazine will be sent to every co-op listed in the National Co-op Directory so your co-op’s information will be seen by co-op people all across the country.

– George Keller

What is your story? Activities like sponsoring a community garden, helping build local food networks, donating to local food startups, sponsoring a co-op farm. How do your members show their generosity, care for the earth, build community, or work for social justice? What inspires you?