Greenbelt Consumer Cooperative 2017 • Community, Zero Waste, Animal Shelter work

Greenbelt Consumer Cooperative
Greenbelt, MD


Jim Cassels Community Service Award

Each year, the Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket & Pharmacy gives a $1,200 grant to a group, organization or cooperative to initiate and implement a new project or activity in Greenbelt that fits the Jim Cassels service spirit.

Throughout his many years in the Greenbelt community, Jim Cassels was an outstanding cooperator. Whether helping local groups, mentoring new cooperatives, guiding the formation and realization of senior housing, or getting up at the crack of dawn to deliver newspapers in Green Ridge House, he was tireless in making Greenbelt the place we all love it to be.

Recipients in the last two years are:

2016 Greenbelt’s Green Team – the Zero Waste Circle: The Zero Waste Circle is a collaborative effort between Green Team volunteers and Public Works staff members focused on eliminating waste going to the landfill by promoting recycling and composting to the greatest extent possible. Our mission is to inspire individuals, organizations and the City of Greenbelt to reduce consumption, reduce waste going to the landfill, change the way in which resources are used, increase resource recovery efforts and change individual and community behaviors to lessen our negative impact on the earth. Our efforts include demonstration projects, educational efforts, legislative advocacy, and partnering with organizations, groups and individuals to encourage zero waste policies, goals, actions and behaviors.

2015 WAGS (Well-wishers of the Animals of the Greenbelt Shelter): 

is conducting 6 Animals Safety Workshops to help children and their parents identify a dog or cat’s stress signals, to understand how to approach unfamiliar animals and to know what to do if approached by an unfamiliar dog off leash. Workshop attendees get materials developed by Your Dog’s Friend, such as photos of dogs exhibiting the different types of body language: enjoyment, tolerance, and “enough already.” In addition, WAGS is providing a variety of enrichment activities to the animals at the shelter, such as a special behavior training day for the dogs once a month.